Polonica Canadiana

Scholarly Journal on the Canadian Polonia

Polonica Canadiana

Polonica Canadiana is a peer-reviewed journal featuring new scholarship from any discipline in the humanities and social sciences concerning all aspects of the history and culture of Poles in Canada. The editors welcome scholarly articles, edited documents and book reviews written in English or Polish.

The journal welcomes contributions that place the Polish Canadian experience in a historical and comparative perspective by examining questions related to transplantation, identity, culture, politics, language, assimilation, transborder relations, migration and relationships to other ethnic groups.

All contributions must be original, unpublished works that are not under review or consideration by other journals or publishers.

All submissions should include the following (electronic-only):

  1. a 5o0-word abstract of your article, including within this text the keywords (for indexing purposes);
  2. a 75-100 word biographical sketch about yourself for our “Contributors” page. This should include your rank and affiliation and may include publications and current research.

Send all electronic files as e-mail attachments. Please see guidelines for instructions . Please refer to our Styleguide before submitting your contribution.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact periodical@canadianpolishinstitute.org. We look forward to working with you and to seeing your article in the pages of Polonica Canadiana.